Justin Sigona

image4Hello. My name is Justin Sigona and here is a little about me.
I was born in April of 86’ in Cayuga County, in Auburn New York. I am a single child and grew up with my mother and grandmother in an average neighborhood in the city. I enjoyed playing sports such as soccer, basketball, football, and BMX. During high school I studied auto mechanics, but became interested in Culinary Arts under the tutelage of Chef Edwin Morrow from 2005-2007. After I graduated High School in 2006 I decided I needed a change and moved out to Phoenix, Arizona.
I have had many different jobs in many different locations. A few places I started out as a simple dishwasher and worked my way up to prep cook, pantry chef, line chef, and eventually head pantry chef. I have been a Sears Tech and put in hard work making my way up to level 5 Tech. I’ve also tried my hand at being a car salesman, bus mechanic, armed security but found my true calling in Marketing & Sales.
Starting out fresh in a new place can be a bit scary but I soon found a decent job as an entry level sales rep with a marketing and advertising company. Af first I couldn’t understand why I was doing so poorly at this new job, I was following the script to a T but it just wasn’t working for me. I thought about giving up and looking for a different job, but that choice didn’t sit well with me. Instead, I sat down and went over the script and decided to personalize it, while I kept all of the pertinent details, I spun it to make it flow more. It worked!! Believe it or not, my deals were multiplying; I was now making more money than I had even hoped for! Of course, I still had to put forth hard work and determination but it was surely worth it.
After about 8 months with the company, I had a falling out with the management, resulting in my voluntary leave. After a few days I was contacted and offered the opportunity to join a new company and train the sales reps the way I had started doing. In 2009 I made a partnership with Rosalio Parra.
We started Sights Advertising with one thing in mind.. to take our business to the next level. This is everything from our hiring process, training, to upper management training. In the past few years I have focused on building a great name for this company and a great team in the Myrtle Beach area, making sure the company always hits a higher yearly gross each year. In the beginning of 2013 the company was switched up and has been run strictly under me ever since.